Explore the Triangle's Education Options

The Triangle area encompasses more than one school district, which can make deciding on the right schools a bit of a challenge if you're relocating to the Triangle and are buying a home.

Legally under Fair Housing Laws, your real estate agent isn't allowed to tell you how they feel about a particular school or district, so we encourage you to do your own research and discover which school district best suits your needs. However, we at Cynthia Quarantello Realty Group are more than happy to provide you with additional resources so you can make an informed decision! Use this guide to the local school districts to get started.

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Find Local Schools by County

In the Triangle area, public schools are typically grouped within a county-wide school system rather than being grouped within a district serving just one community. We've compiled detailed information about the public schools district that serve students living in the Triangle, as well as private schools and higher education options in the area, to help you make the best decision.

Pick a county below to learn about the public school district, private school options, colleges and universities (if any), and more.

North Carolina's Education Standards

The school districts in the Triangle have designed a curriculum based on North Carolina's Standard Course of Study, which defines what information students should know and what skills they should have. These core standards include:

  • Arts education, including visual arts, music, and theatre
  • Driver Education Program 
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Language arts, which covers reading, writing, and research skills
  • Healthful living, including physical education and nutrition
  • Information and technology skills
  • Mathematics, which ranges from basic math skills to more advanced studies
  • World languages, including ancient languages, dual language/immersion programs, and contemporary foreign languages
  • Science, including environmental science, chemistry, and biology
  • Social studies, including history, psychology, and geography
  • Career Technical Education to prepare students for future occupations

In addition to these curriculum foundations, schools may also offer extracurricular clubs, organizations, sports, and activities. If you'd like to learn more about North Carolina's education expectations, we invite you to visit the North Carolina Public Schools website.

Additional Resources About Local Schools

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Curriculum Standards

Visit the North Carolina Public Schools website to learn about the expectations for public schools, or visit the North Carolina Division of Non-Public Education website to learn about standards for private school and homeschooling. Visit the NC State Board of Education website to learn about overall goals for North Carolina schools.

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Virtual Learning

North Carolina offers online and mobile courses through the North Carolina Virtual Public School, which is one of the largest virtual schools in the country. Classes are available to students living all around the state and are taught by certified teachers. Visit the North Carolina Virtual Public School website for more information.

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Comparing Schools

Use NC School Report Cards, made available through the state Board of Education, to learn about average class sizes for a school district, school safety ratings, and school district funding. Use School Grades to view rankings for schools, or visit Great Schools to find additional information about a school's academics and environment.

Have You Found Your Ideal School District?

If you are making housing decisions based off of a school or school district and are ready to view houses in that area, please contact us! The team at Cynthia Quarantello Realty Group are always happy to show you homes in particular school districts that best suit your needs. Give us a call at 919-234-6800.

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